“In the beginning God…” These are the very first words of the genesis of the Story of God.  Before time which perpetually marches forward, before the sun that shines so brightly, before the stars that pepper the night-time sky, before the earth that is filled with beauty, before the breath-taking smile from the lips of your love… God.  He is the genesis of the Story of God.  That’s the worldview that the people of God must begin with.  God is the hero of the story.  God is the author of the story.  God is the centerpiece of the story.  As ancient Israel heard and read these words as the genesis of their faith and their story, they were centered in the reality that it is God who is the divine Subject of all of the action in this epic story.  The story of creation was penned some 3500 years ago as the people of God had experienced the grandest display of rescue and as they were standing in the doorway of a new beginning.  And the story tells them “God.”  And the story tells them that this God created humanity as the crown of His creation, in His image, so that we might see and savor Him above all else… for His glory and for our good.  So let the opening chapter of this Story of God center Him in your heart and your heart upon Him.

Cosmic Creation

The Crown of Creation

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