We began with creation where God is at the center of the story but then chaos results as we dethroned God as the center.  But we must never forget that the Story of God is all about the God who creates and recreates for His glory and for our good.  So the journey from creation to recreation is filled with the opportunity of new beginning… the opportunity for a coming back together… the Creator with the crown of His creation, humanity.  And this coming back together happens in the story through a series of covenants between God and His people.  “Covenant” comes from the Latin co (“together”) and vene (“come”).  So God in His grace and mercy says to us, “Let us come back together.”  The covenants unfold more and more of the character and nature of God and more and more of the character and nature of our relationship with Him.  He is closing the distance.  And all of the covenants in the story point forward to Christ, the One who will accomplish the most beautiful and powerful of “coming back together.”

Consequences & Care (Post-Fall & Noahic Covenant)
Blessed to be a Blessing (Abrahamic Covenant)
Relationships for Redeemed People (Mosaic Covenant & Law)
A King for a Kingdom (Davidic Covenant)
A New Beginning (New Covenant)

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