The Story of God


We have become aware of the importance of story for our lives as individuals and for our shared life together.  Next to the basic needs for physical survival, story is essential to life.  It is how we make sense of our lives.  We interpret our lives as though we are in the middle of a story that has a beginning and strains toward a conclusion.

~ David M. Rhoads, Mark as Story

In the Christian journey, is it really vital to understand the story of God?  Is it really necessary to understand the plan and heart of God as He relates to His creation?  Is it really foundational to understand the importance of the person and work of Jesus Christ as the center of the story?  If we are serious about knowing God and living out our faith in our world, then the answers to each of these questions must be a resounding “yes.”  Knowing the Story of God impacts our understanding of who He is, our experience of how He relates with us, and our mission of sharing who He is with the world near and far.  Ultimately entering into the Story of God also gives shape to the worldview that becomes the matrix of how we see and live this adventure called life.

The purpose of this journey through the Story of God is to give you a bigger picture of who God is and how He has worked, is working, and will work His plan of redemption from beginning to completion. From Genesis to Revelation, the Story of God shows us that He is the God who creates and re-creates for His Glory and for our good. The Story of God also emphasizes that Jesus Christ’s advent, death, and resurrection are the centerpiece of the story.  When we understand the supremacy and centrality of Jesus Christ with greater clarity, we see how all of the different pieces of the Old and New Testaments fit together to present the unified Story of God.  And last, but certainly not least, when we understand the Story of God and His heart for redeeming His creation through Jesus Christ, our heart inclines to worship Him and to see and savor Him above all else.  When we see His great power in creation, His grace in the midst of the Fall of humanity, and His glory in the cross and resurrection of Christ, our only response is to worship the God who has accomplished the unimaginable.  One Christian scholar wrote, “Worship without theology is blind, and theology without worship is empty.”

So join us in the journey of the Story of God, and may your passion to see and savor God above all else become the very beat of your heart.

Story of God Small Group Study Guide (PDF)

Here are the chapters in the Story of God:










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