The Structure of Team Development

The Structure of Team Development

How do we build, structure, & organize teams?

Why do we need structure on our teams?

  • Span of Coaching & Care (i.e., relational leadership) – you can only coach and care for so many people. I’ve used the general rule that you can’t effectively coach and care (and manage) more people than you have fingers on your hand.
  • Division of Labor – if you are going to accomplish more, you have to have more leaders and labors and therefore more structure and organized teams.

How do we structure our teams?

  • Building your team structure (Team Structure Exercise PDF)
    • Draw a organizational chart of your team right now.
      • How is the team organized?
      • How many people do you have reporting to you?
    • Draw a new organizational chart that reflects a realistic span of coaching and care.
      • How will you re-organize your team?
      • How many people do you have reporting to you in this new structure?

What are your next steps?

  • Find “structure” person? Sometimes we are not the right person to determine the organizational structure. There are times when someone has a much higher organizational and strategic gifting than we do. Let your structure person give feedback and possibly even determine the best organizational structure.
  • Reorganize Team? If you need to reorganize, you need to develop a change management plan. See the “Leadership Bank Account” section of Competency.
  • Find new/more Leaders? How will you discover, develop, and deploy these new leaders? Having a Leadership Pipeline and leadership development system for your team and organization will help when you need to find new and more qualified leaders.