Discovering the Divine Design of a Leader

Finding Your PLACE in Life & Ministry

Strengths Based Leadership (StrengthsFinder)

What are your Top 5 Strengths?

1. _________________________

2. _________________________

3. _________________________

4. _________________________

5. _________________________

StrengthsFinder’s 34 Strengths Full Descriptions

Are any of these Top 5 strengths a surprise? What experiences in life and ministry have confirmed that these are your strengths?

Which leadership domains do your strengths fall into (Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, Strategic Thinking)?

How can you use, deploy, and maximize these strengths in your relationships, mission, and workplace?

Relational Intelligence

Relational Intelligence Assessment Summary & Next Steps

Relational Intelligence Study Guide (click on “Study Guide” link on home page)

What are your top relational strengths?

Where do you need to grow in relational intelligence?


Great Resources:

Maximizing Your Effectiveness – Aubrey Malphurs

The Power of Uniqueness – Arthur F. Miller

Discover Your Giftedness – Mels Carbonell

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