Theme #2: Personal Leadership

Theme #2: Personal Leadership

“If you think you’re leading and no one is following you, then you’re only taking a walk.” (Afghan Proverb)

The primary objective of understanding our Personal Leadership is to learn to lead like Jesus. Not only do we need to develop intimacy with Him in our personal spiritual formation, we also need to understand who He has made us to be. Who Jesus has made us to be determines and shapes what He calls us to do. He has first called us to be leaders of Character who reflect His servant leadership. He has also designed our Chemistry in how He has made us uniquely to find our PLACE in life and ministry. He has created us with certain strengths to maximize for the gospel and His kingdom. He teaches us how to be relationally driven and relationally intelligent. Jesus also calls us to Competency as leaders, knowing how to lead, vision, and create healthy leadership cultures. Lastly, Jesus reveals our Calling & Commitment, the unique people and locale to which He has called us to ministry and mission.

The sessions of Personal Leadership are:

Character: Developing the Heart of a Servant Leader

Chemistry: Discovering the Divine Design of a Leader

Finding Your PLACE in Life & Ministry

Personality Discovery (DISC)

Learning Spiritual Gifts

Abilities Awareness

Connecting Passion with Ministry

Experiences of Life

Living Your Strengths (StrengthsFinder)

Relational Intelligence

Relational Intelligence On-line Assessment & Relational Intelligence Study Guide

Competency: Developing the Skills to Lead Well

Leader Action Model (Insight, Innovate, Initiate)

Influence vs. Power & Position

Leadership “Bank Account”

Developing Authentic Relationships & Feedback

Discovering, Developing, and Deploying Leaders

Strategic Planning Process

Calling & Commitment: Discerning Jesus’ Call & Mission for a Leader

Calling: specific calling of a leader (“Leaders Legacy” Article)

Commitment: commitment to an organization’s mission, vision, values & strategy.

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