Theme #1: Personal Spiritual Formation

Theme #1: Personal Spiritual Formation

“O Lord God, Thou hast made me a pastor and teacher in the church. Thou seest how unfit I am to administer rightly this great, responsible office; and had I been without Thy aid and counsel, I would surely have ruined it long ago. Therefore do I invoke Thee. How gladly do I desire to yield and consecrate my heart and mouth to this ministry. I desire to teach the congregation. I, too, desire ever to learn and to keep Thy Word my constant companion and to meditate thereupon earnestly. Use me as Thy instrument in Thy service. Only do not Thou forsake me, for if I am left to myself, I will certainly bring it all to destruction. Amen.”

~ Martin Luther

Spiritual Leadership begins with the reality that Jesus is our Lord and Master. If we are going to lead well in our relationships, our homes, our workplaces, and our ministries, then it is crucial that we learn to abide in Christ and hear His voice. This is the key objective of Theme #1: Personal Spiritual Formation.

Our guide will be Gordon Smith’s The Voice of Jesus. This book has been influential in my personal spiritual formation. Smith’s ultimate purpose in The Voice of Jesus is to teach the spiritual discipline of discernment. “Christian discernment is the spiritual discipline by which we listen to God by attending with heart and mind to the presence of the Spirit in our lives” (p. 55).

The sessions of Personal Spiritual Formation are:

The Voice of Jesus Chapters 1-3 – The Theology of the Voice of Jesus

The Voice of Jesus Chapters 4-5 (Part 1) – Gratitude & Confession

The Voice of Jesus Chapters 6-8 (Part 2) – Meditation & Discernment

The Voice of Jesus Chapters 9-12 – Practicing Discernment

You can download The Voice of Jesus study guide here:

The Voice of Jesus Study Guide (Full Version)

The Voice of Jesus Study Guide (Shorter version)

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