How to Use

How to Use Equipped to Serve by Leading

Here are some guidelines on how to most effectively use the Equipped to Serve by Leading process and curriculum:

  • Download the Equipped to Serve by Leading Curriculum
  • Purchase the Required Reading
  • Individually – go through the themes at your own pace.
  • Small Group – select a small group of people to go through the curriculum and process together. On average, it will take 38-40 sessions to go through the entire curriculum. Use the “Lecture/Lab” model. Use the group meeting to go through the lessons, and then at the beginning of the next meeting, allow group members to briefly share (90 seconds or less) on how they specifically applied the session to their leadership context.
  • Team or Staff – meet regularly as a large group to present and discuss the curriculum. I recommend setting aside one meeting per month specifically for leadership development. Then coach the various staff teams to take it deeper in their team meetings, discussing the curriculum more in-depth for their specific ministry contexts.
  • Remember: Any curriculum is designed to facilitate a conversation. Allow this curriculum to facilitate conversations about leadership experiences and learnings. Don’t let the content of the curriculum take over discussions. As a developer, be sensitive to the leaders on your team or in your group.  Ask them what they need during a specific season of leading and tailor the conversation and curriculum to meet their developmental needs.

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