Leadership Development

Equipped to Serve by Leading

A Journey in Spiritual Leadership Development

This is a process of spiritual leadership development that I have refined over the past 20 years of leading people, organizations, and ministries. It is, as always, a work in progress. It begins with Personal Spiritual Formation, realizing that Christian leaders first and foremost begin with hearing the voice of Jesus. It is crucial to know Him and to discern where He is leading us. Next we move to Personal Leadership, understanding who God has made us to be. This always precedes what God is calling us to do. Lastly, we go to Positional Leadership because as an ancient Afghan proverb goes: “If you think you’re leading and no one is following you, then you’re only taking a walk.” The key to successful leadership always involves building and leading great teams.

Click on a Theme to expand upon the theme’s curriculum plus additional resources.

NOTE: The web-based portion of “Equipped to Serve by Leading” is under construction and is being completed as quickly as possible.

Theme #1: Personal Spiritual Formation

Objective: “Abiding in Christ and hearing His voice”

The Voice of Jesus Study Guide

The Theology of the Voice of Jesus

Gratitude & Confession

Meditation & Discernment

Practicing Discernment

Theme #2: Personal Leadership

Objective: “Learning to lead like Jesus”

Character: Developing the Heart of a Servant Leader

Chemistry: Discovering the Divine Design of a Leader

Finding Your PLACE in Life & Ministry

Personality Discovery (DISC)

Learning Spiritual Gifts

Abilities Awareness

Connecting Passion with Ministry

Experiences of Life

Strengths Based Leadership (StrengthsFinder)

Relational Intelligence

Relational Intelligence Study Guide

Competency: Developing the Skills to Lead Well

Leader Action Model (Insight, Innovate, Initiate)

Influence vs. Power & Position

Leadership “Bank Account”

Developing Authentic Relationships & Feedback

Discovering, Developing, and Deploying Leaders

Strategic Planning Process

Calling & Commitment: Discerning Jesus’ Call & Mission for a Leader

Calling: specific calling of a leader

Commitment: commitment to an organization’s mission, vision, values & strategy.

Theme #3: Positional Leadership

Objective: “Leading Christ-centered, Kingdom Building Teams”

The Heart of team (the why)

The Structure of team (the how)

The Decision-making of team (the what)

Organic vs. Mechanistic

Leader’s Role in Defining & Guiding Decision Process

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (with Assessment)

#1: Absence of Trust (Leader’s Role = Be Vulnerable)

#2: Fear of Conflict (Leader’s Role = Demand Debate)

#3: Lack of Commitment (Leader’s Role = Force Clarity & Closure)

#4: Avoidance of Accountability (Leader’s Role = Confront Difficult Issues)

#5: Inattention to Results (Leader’s Role = Focus on Collective Outcomes & Results)

Required Reading:

The Voice of Jesus – Gordon Smith

Finding Your PLACE in Life & Ministry (Workbook) – Jay McSwain

Strengths Based Leadership – Tom Rath

Relational Intelligence – Steve Saccone

Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Patrick Lencioni

Jonathan’s Top 10 Books on Organizational Leadership

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