Passion & Purpose

We began our new Viral series at Northshore Community Church and talked about Viral Principle #1: Passion. As we learn from the example of Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13-14, behind passion is purpose.

In John Bishop’s book Dangerous Church, he captures this singular purpose well when he writes:

“In the early church, there was one, clear, encompassing mission—spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church did other things, of course, but these things were done to strengthen the church and building up the community so they were able and equipped to the do the one thing that defined their primary mission: seeking the lost and sharing the gospel.”

Behind a passion for Jesus and His message is the focused purpose of spreading the viral good news of Jesus!

New Series: Viral

When something goes “viral,” it spreads contagiously by circulating from person to person until it takes on a life of its own—whether it’s a microscopic pathogen, a YouTube video, or a revolutionary idea. The message of Jesus went viral, growing from 1 to 33.8 million followers in a little over three hundred years. The Apostle Paul was a significant agent in the viral spread of this revolutionary message of love and hope as he multiplied followers of Jesus, leaders, churches, and church planting movements. In our new series Viral, we’ll explore six foundational principles from Acts 13-28 and discover how the message, mission, and movement Jesus goes viral.

Here’s the schedule for the series:

February 14 – Viral Principle #1: Passion

February 21 – Viral Principle #2: Obedience

February 28 – Viral Principle #3: Intentional (Special Guest Speaker – Nate Hettinga)

March 6 – Viral Principle #4: Relevance

March 13 – Viral Principle #5: Multiplication

March 20 – Viral Principle #6: Sacrifice

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