What am I living for?

What am I living for?

What am I living for? When you reduce all the choices that we have in our consumer culture and in our lives down to the lowest common denominator, this is the question that defines and changes everything.

Here’s a way to help you answer this question. Grab a piece of paper. Draw a big dot. Extending from that dot, draw a line with an arrow tip at the end. Under the big dot, write these words—Life on earth. Under the line, write these words—Life in eternity. Another way to ask the question “What am I living for?” is to ask it this way—“Am I living for the dot or for the line?” Is this life on earth all there is or is there something more?

How you answer this question shapes everything. When you choose to live for the dot, here’s what you’re saying: “This life is all there is. So I better get everything I can while the getting’s good. I need to amass as much stuff, as many experiences, and as much pleasure as I can during my time on this dot, because that’s all there is. There’s nothing else. So I better live for myself because all I’ve got is this one ride on this rock.” But when you choose to live for the line, everything changes. How you live your time on the dot is marked and shaped by what is most important in light of the line.

When you are consumed by God, you live with eternity-vision! When you live your life in light of the bigness, the awesomeness, and the enormity of God, you live in light of eternity. You live for the line. You don’t live for the dot. You don’t live your life believing that right here and right now is all there is.

How can you live with eternity-vision each and every day?



We are consumed. Bombarded with the alluring promises of savvy marketers and easy credit, we’re offered beauty, significance, security and happiness in just six easy installments and low, low monthly payments. Unsatisfied, we accumulate more and more to fill the void that’s left when the buzz wears off. In the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, we feel like we never have enough.

But there is another way. There’s freedom to be had in a more open-handed approach to our time, money and possessions. In that freedom, we can enjoy nice things without being obsessed with them. We can view money as a tool to be used and not hoarded. Ultimately, we can discover what it means to be consumed with the One who designed us to be so much more than a cog in a consumer economy. We can be consumed. And that will change everything.

Here’s the topic schedule for the series:

January 5 – Consumed by Consumerism

January 12 – Consumed by Debt

January 19 – Consumed by God

January 26 – Consumed by Generosity

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