God & Politics

With the upcoming Presidential election, American politics is in full swing. Whether you like any of the candidates, none of the candidates, or are threatening to move to Canada, as a follower of Jesus in a democratic republic, you have been given the opportunity to exercise your vote. If we are going to vote wisely, then we need to understand why and how God has established civil governments. We also need to understand the important difference and distinction between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world. In our new series God & Politics, we’ll explore some key passages in the Bible that give us a framework, not whom we should vote for but how we should vote. Remember—our only Savior and hope is Jesus, not our president, party, or political platforms.

Here’s the schedule for the series:

September 11 – Kings & Kingdoms

September 18 – Do’s & Don’ts

September 25 – God & Government

October 2 – Priorities & Policies

Here are some additional resources for exploring more about God & Politics.

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  1. Do you record the sermons? I”m on Whidbey and very tempted to attend these but logistics is a problem. I’d sure be interested in purchasing the series if they will be available! Thank you!

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