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This past Sunday, we began a new series at Northshore Community Church called The Rest of God. In this series, we’re talking about the biblical idea of rest or “sabbath.” It’s an important theme throughout the whole Bible. Sabbath begins with “Looking Up.” When God gives His people Israel the command to rest or sabbath in Exodus 20:8-11, the reason is grounded in God as the Creator. It focuses on God’s bigness, goodness, and sovereignty. Author Mark Buchanan describes sabbath rest this way: imitating God so that we stop trying to be God. Sabbath rest is about acknowledging our weakness and our limitations. We cannot work 24/7/365, but God can. When we choose sabbath rest, we choose to be small, and we “allow” God to be big—who He truly and fully is!

Here are some resources that have been helpful for me in learning to develop Sabbath Rest & Rhythms in my life (daily, weekly, monthly/quarterly, yearly).

The Rest of God – Mark Buchanan (this is my favorite book on Sabbath!)

Your Life in Rhythm – Bruce Miller (this is a very helpful book in living in rhythms instead of the impossible quest for “balance”)

“A Guide to Spending the Day with Jesus” (this is a blog post I wrote many years ago that contains a template for a day away)

Our Daily Bread – if you want a good daily devotional, this has been one of my favorites for years. There’s also a mobile phone app (iPhone & Android)

This coming Sunday, we’ll talk about Sabbath rest and “Looking Up”— wholeheartedly believing in the liberation God has provided us through Jesus so we can live the life He created us to live.

What things do you do to experience sabbath rest?

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  1. I find that taking time off for a walk in the park is restful.
    I love driving to a place out of town for a meal is a good change.
    Best is going away for a night or two once a month as most refreshing.
    My best time of listening to God is early in the morning before sunrise.

    1. thanks heidi! i’m an early morning person as well (most mornings), and i enjoy the quiet and solitude that it has to offer before the world starts its bustle and hustle.

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