RACI Decision-Making Matrix

One of the most important things that leaders and teams do is make decisions. If you’ve ever been involved in decision-making for a team or organization, you know that clarifying and communicating the process is critically important.

I have found the RACI “responsibility” model to be very helpful for the teams I lead and serve on:

  • Responsible– who has the responsibility for the project or process
  • Accountable– who is ultimately accountable & has the authority to make the decision
  • Consulted – who needs to be consulted in the decision-making process
  • Inform – who needs to be informed of the decision that’s been made

Here are some variations on this responsibility model and matrix.

Have you used this process before? Has it been helpful? What would you change or add to the process?

One Reply to “RACI Decision-Making Matrix”

  1. Great post! We almost always change this by combining the R and A into a single person, especially when we’re talking about decisions and areas with a timeline of weeks or months (vs. quarters and years). The term we use for this person is the D.R.I., which seems to have been made popular at Apple and is actually the paradigm for single-assignee delegation models used in tools like Asana (which is a fantastic teamwork tool, especially for free software). https://blog.asana.com/2014/12/workstyle-accountability/



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