New Series: One Another|ing


The Christian faith is an active faith. It is an “ING” faith, especially as it relates to relationships. Love is one thing. It’s theoretical. But loving is another. It’s tangible. It’s active. “one anothering” is vital to followers of Jesus. In fact, the phrase “one another” shows up in the Bible’s New Testament 55 times, and all of them are tangible actions. Commands like love one another, forgive one another, and serve one another. God doesn’t want us to go through this life on our own. And let’s face it—when our relationships work right, life seems to work right. And when they don’t work right, life doesn’t seem to work right. So how can we get really good at living an ING faith with each other? Our new series One Another | ing will help us learn how to do life well together as we grow in loving, caring for, and serving each other and the world around us.

Here’s the schedule for the series:

October 4 – Love | ing

October 11 – Forgive | ing

October 18 – Confess | ing

October 25 – Pray | ing

November 1 – Serve | ing

November 8 – Truth | ing

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