New Series: God’s Good Design


When it comes to marriage and human sexuality, the message keeps changing. Society tries to define it for us, but our culture is always shifting. The Bible, however, teaches us exactly who we are. In His word, God teaches us His design for marriage and His design for sex that is true and perfect, leading to joy and human flourishing. God also shows us the pitfalls of counterfeits and distortions to marriage. Throughout this series, we’ll learn precisely what God’s unchanging plan for marriage and human sexuality is and how it plays out in the ever-changing world we live in.

Here’s the schedule for this series:

May 3 – God the Creator & Designer

May 10 – Created in God’s Image

May 17 – God’s Design for Marriage

May 24 – God’s Design for Sex

May 31 – Sexual Counterfeits

June 7 – Marriage Distortions & God’s Word

June 14 – Marriage Distortions & Our Response

June 21 – Together for the Gospel

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Here are some recommended resources for further exploring God’s Good Design.

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