New Series: Prodigal God


One of the best known of Jesus’ parables is the “Prodigal Son.” This touching story of a rebellious son, his judgmental older brother and their grace-giving father has inspired people for centuries. But the traditional title may not be entirely correct. Prodigal does not mean “wayward.” It means, “spend until you have nothing left.” To be prodigal is to be recklessly extravagant. While the youngest son squanders his inheritance, it is the father who pours out reckless, extravagant grace to both his sons. In this series we’ll encounter a heavenly Father who offers this same kind of reckless grace to all who ask, from the most rebellious to the most self-righteous. And along the way we’ll discover His reckless grace and love is the key to experiencing the life we were made to live.

Here’s the schedule for the series:

April 5 (Easter) – Prodigal God

April 12 – The Younger Brother

April 19 – The Older Brother

April 26 – The Father

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