Christmas Series: Hurried Holidays


Whatever happened to the Christmas season’s “Silent Night” replete with quiet carolers strolling the neighborhood with candles? The quiet calm has been replaced with crazy mall crowds, cash registers and credit cards. It’s been lost in the rush of hurried and harried people prepping for Christmas concerts, Christmas parties, and Christmas house guests. We’ve come to expect the busyness of Christmas so much that we miss the moments of Christmas. There has to be another way to celebrate the holiday season. In our new Christmas series Hurried Holidays, we’re going to discover how to find peace in the midst of frenzy, joy in the midst of stress, and hope in the midst of hard times. Join us this December as we discover an alternative to the Hurried Holidays.

Here’s the series schedule:

Dec 7 – Peace in the Midst of Frenzy

Dec 14 – Joy in the Midst of Stress

Dec 21 – Hope in the Midst of Hard Times

For more information on Northshore and our Sunday worship gatherings, click HERE.

I also want to encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to one of our four Christmas Eve services (3, 4:30, 6:30 & 11 pm). You do not want to miss Christmas Eve. It promises to be one of our best yet!


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