New Series: Practical Atheist


Why do we say we’re Christians and so often shelve God and our faith? Why do we live like God isn’t in the room or assume that He’s not paying attention? Why are our beliefs & actions often so disconnected? There is often this noticeable gap between what we “believe” and what we do. We live like practical atheists. Sure, we say we believe these things about God, but we end up not “doing” all the things we say we believe about God. As the biblical author James said, “Faith without works is dead.” Join us this June and July as we explore the book of James. We’ll be challenged by some hard truth that will help us close the gap between what we say we believe and how we live.

Here’s the series schedule:

June 1 – Give up or Hang on? (1:1-18)

June 8 – Posers or Doers? (1:19-27)

June 15 – Label or Love? (2:1-13)

June 22 – Talk or Act? (2:14-26)

June 29 – Flamethrower or Fire Extinguisher? (3:1-12)

July 6 – Hostility or Unity? (3:13-4:12)

July 13 – Mine or His? (4:13-5:6)

July 20 – Toe-tapper or Knee-Bender? (5:7-12)

July 27 – Free Agent or Team Player? (5:13-20)

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4 Replies to “New Series: Practical Atheist”

  1. Jonathan,
    First of all, I want to say how excited I am that Richard and Judy are back in Bryan. They are, once again, mine and Jennifer’s SS teachers. We are having a wonderful time learning from them.
    I listened to your first sermon on the Practical Atheist. Eye-opening! And scary! It has made me look at my own life and re-evaluate where I am and stand. I look forward to listening to the remaining sermons.
    What a wonderful work God has done in your life. You definitely had, and have, two great examples of how God intended life to be lived.
    Have a blessed day.

    1. tony… it’s great to hear from you! thanks for listening to the the messages from the Practical Atheist series. so much of my faith journey has been influenced by my parents and their godly example of truly living for Jesus. i’m glad that you and jennifer are having the opportunity to reconnect to them! blessings my friend.

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