Day 22 | The Risk to Share



Read: Matthew 5:14–16

Key Verse: You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. —Matthew 5:14–16

After having gone through counseling and recovery groups for my issues with unwanted same-sex attraction and sexual addiction, I was asked to speak to a Sunday school class at Northshore. Many of my friends were in the class and I was petrified to risk and share my story. In fact, I considered backing out. I asked God for direction, opened my Bible, put my finger on the page, and it fell on Matthew 5:14. My life has never been the same. What Satan has meant for evil in my life, God is now using to provide hope to hundreds of people affected by homosexuality and sexual addiction. As part of risking and stepping out to let my light shine I’ve also had the privilege of leading several people struggling with sexual issues to Christ. That would never have happened if I had played it safe and kept my light hidden under a basket.Before stepping out and risking to let people know what God has done in my life, I had several people comment that “they could never be a Christian because they could never be as perfect as I was.” What they didn’t know! Our “perfection” often isn’t what brings people to Christ, in fact it’s often seen as hypocrisy. It’s in taking the risk of letting people into our stories, of sharing what God has done in our lives, that gives them the hope that maybe God could love and accept them with their issues as well.

Is your light under a basket? Will you risk letting your light shine? What has God done in your life that, if shared, could provide hope and encouragement to a lost and hurting world? Will you take that risk?

Prayer: God, thank You so much for all You’ve done in my life and are continuing to do. Help me risk sharing what You’ve done in my life; to let my light shine to a lost a hurting world, to a world that needs to know you can love them in the midst of their struggles.  

Jeff Simunds | Director of Tower of Light Ministries

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