Day 9 | God is For Us


Read: Romans 8:31–39

Key Verse: What shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? – Romans 8:31

Fear can be crippling. It limits us in our attempts to take risks for God. When we tremble at opposition, we take the focus off God and put it on the world, the enemy, and ourselves.

We read in Romans 8:31 that “God is for us!” He is the most powerful ally that we could ever have. We must have confidence knowing that because of Christ, we no longer need to fear opposition. There is no one stronger than our mighty God.

The only thing we should fear is disobeying the One who is “For us.” If He asks us to take a risk for Him, may we do it with reckless abandon knowing that no one or no thing can wage a successful attack on God and those who belong to Him.

Is there something you sense God calling you to do? Is it sharing your faith with a neighbor or coworker? Is it giving in some sacrificial way to help fund God’s work in our world? Is it getting help to break free from some sin or addiction that has you enslaved? Do you believe that God is for you? If so, why do you fear?

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you are for us. Thank you that victory is promised to those who trust in you. Help us to not fear the weakness of our flesh, or what the world may do to us, or the assaults of the enemy. We are more than conquerors through you, Jesus. May that propel us forward.

Sarah Ena | Director of Children’s Ministry

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