Day 8 | The Risk to Go


READ: Matthew 28:16–20

Key Verse: Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. – Matthew 28:19-20

Something happened in the lives of those first disciples. Something big. Something transformational. Fishermen became missionaries; a tax collector became a teacher; and a small group of men saw themselves radically changed. They boldly told the story of Jesus in the marketplaces and public squares. Why? They could hardly help themselves. By the power of Jesus, the hope of the resurrection, and the personal transformation they saw in their own lives, they were compelled to do it. They couldn’t keep such an incredible testimony to themselves. Nothing mattered more than sharing the story and living the way Jesus did—nothing mattered more than being a part of such a radical new community of love, grace, and peace.

Pause for a moment to imagine yourself on that mountaintop in Galilee. Jesus speaks personally to you with both the challenge to GO, and the promise that He will be with you. Willingness to follow Him and to carry the Good News into the world remains God’s plan. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Imagine what would happen if every person who calls Northshore home took Jesus’ command and His story seriously. What would that look like? How would things be different? Perhaps we would look more like the early church, motivated and empowered by love rather than obligation, filled with even greater gratitude and profound joy. Perhaps we’d experience a new passion for connecting people to Jesus with a willingness to do anything to see that happen. Perhaps we’d experience a wave of new life.

What about in your life? How would the way you approach each day change if this verse was the primary agenda of your day?

Prayer: Sometimes Lord, we worry that you have placed too much trust in us. We worry that we can’t do what you have called us to do. We need your Holy Spirit to give us strength and courage. Use us to carry the message of your love into the lives of the people you send our way.

Shawn Rowles | Pastor of Family Life

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