Day 4 | Love Takes Risks


READ: Romans 5:6–8

Key Verse: But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

Love takes a risk because love always costs us something. God’s love took the risk of forgiveness and it cost Him something. Tim Keller explains it this way:

     What if a friend of yours accidentally smashes a lamp in your apartment? One of two things can happen as a result. Either you can make him pay—“That will be $100, please”—or you can say, “I forgive you, that’s okay.” But in the latter case what happens to that $100? You have to pay it yourself, or you have to lose $100 worth of light and get used to a darker room. Either your friend pays the cost for what was done or you absorb the cost.
     It should not surprise us when God says, “The only way I can forgive the sins of the human race is to suffer—either you will have to pay the penalty for sin or I will.” Sin always entails a penalty. Guilt can’t be dealt with unless someone pays. The only way God can pardon us and not judge us is to go to the cross and absorb it Himself. “I must suffer,” Jesus said.” (Tim Keller, King’s Cross)
Love takes risks. God’s love leads the way, and with the new life, new heart, and new perspective Jesus gives us, our love is then willing to risk.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to love well today. Help me to take risks. Help me to forgive those who wrong me the way You have forgiven me for wronging You. Thank You for Your risk-taking love toward me. Today, I want to be all in!

Jonathan Alexander | Senior Pastor

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