Toy Shop 2013

Toy Shop

Northshore, on Sunday, December 8, we challenged you to give to the Toy Shop. The goal was to impact 300 local families that were in need and identified through our local schools by providing toys for their Christmas celebration. We needed an additional 1,200 toys for a total of 1800 toys.

You met the challenge and responded with incredible generosity. We had a total of 2,144 toys donated and over $3,750 donated for grocery gift cards. We had 315 families come through the Toy Shop yesterday, and it took 452 volunteers from Northshore to pull it off. That’s awesome!

And it makes a difference. A volunteer who served at the Toy Shop told me that after one of the families left with their toys, they later returned with a thank you card. The dad wrote in the card, “Thank you for giving my kids something under the tree. It means so much to me. Thank you so very much for being here today.” And it was signed by the entire family. The volunteer was in tears and told me how much it meant to her to serve this family at the Toy Shop.

Each week we talk about being generous as a church, especially as the world around us is watching. Out of our love for Jesus, we give so that others might know this same Love. We’re in a season where giving is celebrated, and Northshore, I want to celebrate your giving.

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