New Series: Awkward Family Photos


Have you ever been captured in an awkward family photo? We can all think of that horrible vacation snapshot, bad senior photo, or uncomfortable family reunion pic that we hope never makes it to Facebook. Believe it or not, the Bible captures some awkward family photos in Jesus’ own family tree. Luckily, just like those people, God doesn’t airbrush us out of the picture. Come learn about these colorful characters, and together we’ll discover that these names don’t just tell us about the kind of people Jesus came from… they also tell us about the kind of people Jesus came for.

Here’s the line up for the series:

December 8 – Snapshots of the Outsiders

December 15 – Snapshots of the Lonely

December 22 – Snapshots of a Failure

December 24 – Snapshots of the Loved

This would be a great series to invite your family and friends so that they might experience and know that Jesus came for them. We’ll also have four Christmas Eve services (2, 4, 6 & 11 pm).

You can also share your Awkward Family Photos with us this December by sending them to or using the hashtag #awkwardnsb on Instagram, Twitter.


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