Gratitude in Life’s Ups & Downs


This past Sunday at Northshore, I talked about “Reorientation is Life’s Ups & Downs.” We’ve all been on the roller coaster of life. We’ve all experienced the disorientation, disequilibrium, and discouragement of life not happening the way we thought and prayed it would. This is a common theme throughout the Bible among the people of God, especially in the psalms. As we discussed Sunday, David experienced the same thing in Psalm 22. But because he chose to believe in God’s presence, his spiritual and emotional reorientation happened at the intersection of God’s grace and his gratitude. The same can be true for us.

Here’s what we do when we choose gratitude in life’s ups & downs:

1. We thank God. There is a difference between the emotion of gratitude and the expression of gratitude God-ward. Take that thankfulness and actually tell God that you are thankful.

2. We get specific. Don’t all your gratitude to stay in the realm of generalities. Tell God exactly what you are grateful for. Rehearse how He has specifically come through to provide comfort, mercy, and grace in those moments of need.

3. We share it. We take our gratitude and we share it with each other and with our world. When we share it with each other, we encourage one another. We remember who God is and what He does, and in that sharing, the community of Christ is emboldened to trust God even more. When we share it with our world, we evangelize. We share the good news of who Jesus is and what He has done for us in the ultimate rescue. As I said on Sunday, one of your most powerful “evangelism” tools is your own story of God’s love and grace in your life. In addition, invite your friends and family to the weekend services at Northshore to hear about God’s radical love for them through Jesus and the gospel. Let’s “go tell it on the mountain!”

What has it looked like for you to live at the intersection of grace & gratitude? 


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