New Series: Bad Dates, Roommates & Soulmates


We all want healthy relationships. But let’s face it. It’s hard work. From dating to marriage to parenting, it takes considerable effort to develop good relationships. On top of that, most of us have had a relationship that’s gone bad. We’ve all been hurt. We all have a past. We all have expectations, some realistic, some unrealistic. From bad dates to roommates to soulmates, we need to learn how to have healthy relationships—God’s way. What does God, the One who created relationships, have to say about how we connect with each other? What does God have to say about dating, marriage, sex, and parenting? Don’t miss this series is you want to learn how to make bad relationships better and good relationships great.

Here’s the series schedule:

September 15 – Healthy Relationship (Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Les Parrott)

September 22 – Happily Ever After… & Other Myths

September 29 – Reconcilable Differences: Dealing with Conflict in Marriage

October 6 – Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

October 13 – The Bedroom: Battleground or Playground (Warning: PG-13 Message)

October 20 – Parental Guidance Required

October 26 (Saturday) – Becoming Soulmates Marriage Conference with Les & Leslie Parrott

October 27 – The Empty Nest

This will be a great series to invite a friend or family member. Be sure to get in a small group for the full experience. The Small Group Leader’s Guide is available here. For more information on Northshore and our Sunday services, click HERE.


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