New Series: The Art of Neighboring


When Jesus was asked to sum up everything into one command, He said to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as ourselves. The genius of the Great Commandment is that it’s so simple yet so powerful. However, most of us have turned Jesus’ command to love our neighbors into an abstract idea. We’ve generalized “our neighbor” and don’t do anything to specifically love our neighbors. We’ve turned Jesus’ words into a nice saying, but then we go on with our lives and don’t put it into practice.

What would happen if we took the Great Commandment literally? And what if we started with loving our neighbors in our very own neighborhood? What if the people who live adjacent to us went from strangers to relationships? When we build relationships in our neighborhoods, not only are the lives and the families around us impacted, but those relationships can begin to be the vehicle by which our communities and cities are changed.

This June, we’re going to learn The Art of Neighboring. Our goal is simple: learn how to build genuine relationships right outside your front door. Here’s the line-up for this important series:

June 2 – The Call to Neighboring

June 9 – Overcoming Barriers

June 16 – Entering the Mess

June 23 – Person of Peace

Join us as we discover The Art of Neighboring and watch for information about engaging your neighborhood through a Summer Block Party.

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