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  1. Thank you for this posting; it’s a great part of what keeps me ‘keeping on.’ Love like this — from all facets of God the Three in One — pressed down, running over, thunderously pouring over and through us forever … sometimes just the thought of it is so overwhelming to me that my reaction is quite physical. I actually have difficulty breathing. When I feel most alone, I go to that place and stick my face in that living water…

    1. judy, thanks for the comment. i wholeheartedly agree with you. His love is visceral and gloriously present for us, especially in our greatest times of need.

      1. Thank YOU, Jonathan. I hope you don’t mind one more comment. Sometimes I do have the need to “feel” His love emotionally, but frankly, I don’t always feel that emotional side of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring of love. Since I rededicated my life before this last Christmas, I’ve had some inner experiences I believe are of the Spirit (nothing too “woo-woo”) and have been praying a lot and studying: the Bible, Billy Graham’s book on the Holy Spirit and C. S. Lewis, among others (LOVE Lewis!), and have come to realize, or feel pretty sure, that the emotional part of life with God isn’t always meant to be felt. I believe we shouldn’t always rely on our feelings; they’re not always — well, maybe dependable. But during times when I’m not “feeling” that love, I find myself shrinking within, suffering a lack of confidence and sometimes doubting my own salvation. This emotional, “feeling” part seems to be something I really cling to. That’s when I try to dig into the Word via a topical index and find the facts that always make the truth more of a reality. And that’s when I hear that still, small voice backing up that truth, cheering me on. And …. that’s when I know that the Word and the Holy Spirit (the spirit of truth) work perfectly … together.

        1. thanks judy… comment away 🙂 I agree with you that our emotions must not be the spiritual barometer of our assurance of Jesus’ saving grace and love for us. that assurance is found in the objective reality, to which the Scriptures clearly testifies, that we are saved by His grace and mercy. with that being said, it is important to be engaged with our emotions and to understand how Jesus can and does speak through our emotions. a helpful book has been Gordon Smith’s The Voice of Jesus. here’s another blog link with some quotes and a downloadable study guide – http://blogs.nsb.org/jonathanalexander/2010/10/the-voice-of-jesus/

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