The Big Picture Challenge


I remember the first time I drove in downtown Seattle. I got lost. Even though there is some semblance of a grid structure in downtown, with all of the angled streets, the waterfront, different neighborhoods near downtown, and tall buildings, I couldn’t get my bearing. I couldn’t figure out how the city was laid out. Then a couple of months later, our family took a trip up to the top of the Space Needle. When we got up to the observation deck, it was a remarkably clear day, and it seemed like I could see forever. For the first time in my Seattle experience, I actually grasped how all of the little streets, neighborhoods, bridges and geographic features fit together. I got the big picture of Seattle’s layout.

It’s helpful to have The Big Picture. It’s the same way with the Bible. It’s easy to lose the larger story when we’re looking at the parts. It’s easy for us to lose the proverbial forest for the trees. What is God’s big picture? What is His big plan? What in the world is He up to?

I want to challenge you to go deeper in discovering The Big Picture. If you sign up to join “The Big Picture Challenge,” for the next 3 weeks you will receive one article per day via email that will guide you through the different excerpts from of The Story of God. This series of articles will walk you through the Story of God from Genesis to Revelation, revealing the “God who creates and re-creates for His Glory and for our good.”

Here’s the schedule for “The Big Picture Challenge”

May 13 – Introduction to the Story of God

May 14 – Cosmic Creation

May 15 – The Crown of Creation

May 16 – Chaos, Enter Stage Left

May 17 – Consequences & Care

May 18 – Blessed to Be a Blessing

May 19 – Relationships for a Redeemed People

May 20 – A King for a Kingdom

May 21 – A New Beginning

May 22 – Jesus Christ, the Promise of Redemption

May 23 – Jesus Christ, the Mystery of Redemption

May 24 – Jesus Christ, the Agent of Redemption

May 25 – Jesus Christ, the Hope of Redemption

May 26 – Jesus Christ: Controversy, Part 1 (Early Church to Nicaea)

May 27 – Jesus Christ: Controversy, Part 2 (Nicaea to Chalcedon)

May 28 – 2000 Years of Church History in a Snapshot

May 29 – The Church: Real People

May 30 – The Church: Real Mission

May 31 – This is the End

June 1 – Finally & Forever

UPDATE: Thanks for taking the challenge with us. If you missed it, just visit the Story of God tab above.

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