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Free. What a liberating idea! We could define “free” like this: “released from something that controls, restrains, or burdens us.” There are a lot of things that control, restrain, or burden us. In so many areas of our lives, it seems as though we’re controlled by something. In so many areas of our lives, we aren’t free. We want to be free to love our family, but our anger takes over. We want to be free from our addictions, but they overpower us. We want to be free from fear, but it is ever-present in the background of our lives. We feel the burden. We lose the hope we once had. We get weighed down and worn out.

So what if there were another way to live? What if we actually could be free? Romans 6-7 is all about living in freedom through Jesus Christ. In this new series, we’ll discover how to be and stay free. We’ll also explore the battle for freedom in your life.

Here’s the schedule for the FREE series:

January 6 – How to Be Free, Part 1

January 13 – How to Be Free, Part 2

January 20 – How to Be Free, Part 3

January 27 – How to Stay Free

February 3 – Why Trying To Be Free Doesn’t Work

February 10 – The Battle for Freedom

February 17 – The Symbol of Freedom

If you want to learn how to live in freedom, join us on Sundays, January 6 – February 17. In the words of Jesus, “…the truth will set you free.”

I’d love to have you join us during this new series. For more info on Northshore’s worship gatherings, go here. I’d also love it if you’d ask a friend or family member to join you. Every person in this world longs and needs to experience the freedom that Jesus alone brings.

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    1. Matthew 28:19 – “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,”

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