How to Vote This Election Season

As soon as some of you read the title of this post, you were wondering whether I was going to tell you who to vote for. I’m not. But I will tell you this. You need to exercise your voice through your vote. To do that well, here are some important things to consider:

1. Be biblically informed. Think through all of the issues with a biblical/theological lens. Which position aligns more with God’s kingdom? Which position advances God’s moral law and justice better? You’re going to have to study your Bible. You’re also going to have to acknowledge and evaluate some of your prejudices and presuppositions. Sometimes a Democrat position best advances God’s moral law and justice. Sometimes a Republican position best advances God’s moral law and justice. And sometimes, neither position in our predominately two-party system advances God’s moral law and justice.

2. Be politically informed. Research both sides of the various issues. Take time to read the platforms of the candidates and the text of the measures proposed. Understand the short-term and long-term implications. Recognize the bias and leanings of the sources of information you read and listen to. For a list of books that give different perspectives on the Christian’s intersection with politics, go HERE. You’ll also find a list of news sources. Although I recommend some of these resources, it doesn’t mean that I endorse or agree with everything contained within.

3. Be gracious to those who disagree. This is a non-negotiable for followers of Jesus. I was dismayed by some of the conversations and comments made by Christians on Facebook and Twitter during the presidential and vice-presidential debates… on both sides of the party aisle. It damages our witness, and it definitely doesn’t reveal the love and grace of Jesus to our world.

4. Remember who ultimately reigns. On Wednesday, November 7th, regardless of whether your candidate or position won or lost, Jesus Christ will still be the Risen King of kings and Lord of lords seated on the throne of heaven. Trust Him and His promises, not the promises of politicians, political parties, and platforms.

Here are some helpful resources with further reading and listening to help you vote well this election season:

Tony Evans – How Should Christians Vote? (I recently read this book. Insightful and informative. You can get the Kindle edition via Amazon for $3.93)

Upside Down Politics (a manuscript with audio link from a message I preached on how Jesus approached politics)

What’s the Church’s Role in Politics? (a message manuscript with audio link from a message I preached during the YouAskedForIt series)

Your turn. What would you add to this list on how to vote well?

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