New Series: Extraordinary Impact

Imagine a single drop impacting the surface of water. The impact of the drop creates a splash, and from that splash other drops are formed. Each drop’s impact results in a ripple. The ripples combine to create a movement and momentum together. Now imagine hundreds of drops of water… thousands… hundreds of thousands… millions. Picture the small pool of water that expands to form a stream. The stream becomes a river. The river becomes a torrential force that carves rock and changes landscapes.

As followers of Jesus, those whose thirst is quenched with His living water, we’re like those drops of water. Our lives, combined together and empowered by His Spirit, create a momentum and a force that’s capable of impacting and changing the landscape of the world around us. In the book of Acts, the first-century church recognized this power. Together they tasted and experienced Jesus’ living water. Together they waited for the Spirit’s power. Together they were unleashed to impact their world. They were ordinary people who made an extraordinary impact for Jesus.

During the month of September, we’ll explore what it can and should look like for us to be ordinary people who make an extraordinary impact for Jesus. Each week, we’ll explore a story from the book of Acts and see how the first-century church impacted and changed their world. We’ll also hear and see real life stories from ordinary people at Northshore who are impacting their world for Jesus. Here’s the line-up for the series:

September 9 – Lives of Impact

September 16 – Eternal Impact

September 23 – Relational Impact

September 30 – Local & Global Impact

This is such an important sermon series for the life of our church that we want every person who attends Northshore to connect in a small group for this four-week period. All of our ministries at Northshore will be exploring this same theme over the four weeks. For more information or to sign up for a small group, click HERE.

Like drops of water that collectively become a force that changes landscapes, my most fervent prayer and dream is that we might together experience the momentum of the Spirit and be used by Jesus to change our world for His renown.


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