This past Sunday, as we continued in our Upside Down series, we discussed the idea of “Upside Down LEADERSHIP.” Taking our cues Jesus’ life and leadership as told in Philippians 2:5-11, we discovered that Upside Down leaders (anyone who wants to have an influence and impact) have three qualities:

  1. Upside Down ATTITUDE of Humility
  2. Upside Down APPROACH of Servanthood
  3. Upside Down AGENDA of God’s glory

As you influence people and impact the world around you, are these qualities apparent in how you lead?

Here’s an example of extraordinary, upside down leadership from Northshore’s own Bob Wright (the chairman of our elder team).

For more resources on developing your leadership, visit the Leadership Development portion of my blog

What can and will you do to grow in your Upside Down Leadership?

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