Jesus Turns Everything Upside Down. The last will be first. The least will be greatest. Even death becomes life. From our personal lives to our politics, from our integrity to our economy, from our leadership to our relationships—Jesus changes everything. Come discover a new way to live—the beautiful, upside down kind of living Jesus makes possible.

This series began Easter Sunday, April 8. This is a great series to invite friends and family to. Here’s the line-up for the Upside Down series:

April 8 – Upside Down LIFE

April 15 – Upside Down POLITICS

April 22 – Upside Down INTEGRITY

April 29 – Upside Down ECONOMICS

May 6 – Upside Down LEADERSHIP

May 13 – Upside Down RELATIONSHIPS

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your guests during this series. And I’m looking forward to seeing how Jesus’ call turns our lives and our world upside down.

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