Choosing Compassion

As we began our new series Stories from the Road, the conversations Jesus has and the stories He tells as He journeys to the cross are insightful. In every conversation and every story, there is a call to live out the heart of God. But in every conversation and in every story, the ultimate aim is to reveal more fully who Jesus is and what He’s come to do. Most of us have heard the story of the Good Samaritan, and we understand that the Samaritan showed compassion. So we believe the main point of the story is to be compassionate like the Samaritan. As we discussed Sunday, the story ultimately points us to Jesus and His compassion. He’s telling the story as He’s on the road to suffer (compassion = “with suffering”) for us. If we want to be compassionate people, it’s Jesus and the Holy Spirit who must change and transform us from the inside out. And as we grow in our relationship with Jesus and as the Spirit changes our heart, we grow in our ability to be people of compassion.

Where is Jesus calling you to grow in compassion as He transforms you from the inside out? Here are a couple of areas to consider:

  1. Compassion in your relationships – Who are the people who are closest to you? Your family, your friends, your classmates or workmates? Do you live a lifestyle of compassion with them? Are you sacrificially generous (time, talent, touch and treasure) with them? Are you struggling with compassion in any of these relationships? If so, ask Jesus to give you insight and discernment on why you’re struggling with compassion? Then ask Him to give you compassion for that person and in that relationship.
  2. Compassion in your ministry – Are you serving others within the body of Christ at Northshore? Are you connected in a small group? As you serve others, are you doing so out of an overflow of what Jesus is doing in your life? If not, ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Ask Jesus to give you His eyes to see people the way He sees them. Ask Jesus for wisdom in tangible ways to serve others at Northshore. And take action in compassion—do something out of compassion for someone else.
  3. Compassion in your mission to your world – Good works create Good Will which opens the door to share the Good News. Pray that Jesus will give you compassion for those who don’t yet know Him. And as He grows compassion in you, find tangible ways to serve your neighbor. Watch their home or pick up their mail while they’re out of town. Bake cookies for your neighbor. Invite them over for dinner. Mow their lawn. As you think about our global world, find a focus area or a need and discover how you can do something about it. Go on a global mission trip. Again, take action in compassion. A good place to discover how you can serve your world, locally and globally is to visit Northshore’s SERVE page on our website.

Choose compassion. Be prayerful and proactive. As you choose one or more of these areas, share it with a friend. Ask them to pray for you and hold you accountable in this area.

Here’s the audio for the message “Be Compassionate”

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