New Series: Stories from the Road

When the days were approaching for His ascension, He was determined to go to Jerusalem~ Luke 9:51

Jesus journeys from heaven to earth to go to the cross. As He heads toward Jerusalem on His journey to the cross, He meets various people. Some grasp who Jesus is and what He came to do and some don’t. In each and every conversation, Jesus shares the heart of God, the heart of who He is and the heart of who He calls us to be. In Stories from the Road, we’ll lean in and listen to some of these conversations from the Gospel of Luke. Here’s the series line-up:

March 11 – “Be Compassionate” (Luke 10:25-37)

March 18 – “Be  Grateful” (Luke 17:11-19)

March 25 – “Be Transformed” (Luke 19:1-10)

April 1 – “Be Whole” (Luke 10:38-42)

Join us March 11 – April 1 as we explore who Jesus really is and who He invites us to be. This is a great series to invite your friends and family who don’t yet know Jesus. They’ll discover who Jesus really is, what He came to do, and how He changes everything!



2 Replies to “New Series: Stories from the Road”

  1. I find the last words of instruction to the disciples (before Jerusalem and His death-resurrection-ascension) to be the topics Jesus speaks to along the last walk with the disciples. Oh if they only understood what they were witnessing!! His ways are sssssoooooo much higher than mine!

  2. I finally understood the resurrection through the end Gospel of John. J>C> did not come back as ‘ghost’, but literally physically got up from the grave. Here’s how I know. He was mistaken for a gardener, I garden it’s pretty earthy LOL. He was touched by Thomas, your hands would pass through a ghost! He cooked a BBQ on the beach for his disciples in day light. He had to collect the stones, wood and strike a flint to light it and he ate with them. If he was a ghost you would see the fish pass through him. He walked in the heat of the day chatting to two men who thought he normal as they invited him to evening meal with them. I was filled with amazing joy and laughter for three solid days after I realized he litterally conquered death. Plus there was so much resurrection power it over flowed to other dead people who went into their town! He is life itself and simply cannot stay dead, so when we believe in him and he lives in us we simply cannot stay dead either, yes our earthly bodies will die, but we shall be given new everlasting ones. whoooooooo. Pamela XXX

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