Hold Onto the WHO

This past Sunday in our Desperate Days series, the big idea of my message was “Don’t hold onto the why… hold onto the WHO!” At the end of the day, God did not answer Job’s “why” questions. In the book of Job, God never let Job into His conversation with Satan, as He was proving that Job would hold onto to his faith whether he lost everything or not. God did not give Job the answer to why he was suffering, why his children died, why his possessions were taken, and why his health fell apart. When God did finally break the silence, all He did was point Job to the WHO… the God who created and sustains the physical universe… the God who can and will administer perfect justice. God called Job to look outside of himself and his circumstances. And He calls us to the same.

I recently had a conversation with a guy who told me that he didn’t struggle with the existence of God. But in a moment of honesty, he said he struggled with why following Jesus had to be so hard. I often feel the same way. I know that Jesus tells us His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). But some days it just doesn’t feel like it. And on those days, we choose to hold onto the WHO. On those days, we choose to hold on the WHO who came down to this earth and struggled with and for us on the cross. On those days, we choose to remember that we can’t run the physical universe nor administer perfect justice, but there is One who can. On those days, we choose to hold onto the One who makes beautiful things out of the dust and out of us.

Before you go, take a moment and listen to Gungor’s “Beautiful Things”

May you hold onto the WHO!

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