Desperate Days

What happens when tragedy strikes? What happens when the dark clouds won’t go away? What happens when life doesn’t seem to go as we had planned or hoped? What happens when God seems silent? These are the desperate days… the dark night of the soul. When the desperate days are upon us, one of the best places to go in the Bible is the story of Job. Desperate days and human suffering are a reality. The question for us is, “How will we journey to faith in the midst of the desperate days?” Even if and when God seems silent, He is up to something greater… something transformational… and yes, even in the desperate days.

Join us January 8 – February 19 as we explore some important themes on suffering and faith in the book of Job. This is a great series to invite your friends and family who don’t know Jesus and who might be going through some desperate days of their own. Here are the themes we’ll talk about:

January 8 – When Tragedy Strikes (Job 1-2)

January 15 – Desperation and Depression (Job 3)

January 22 – Good and Bad Counsel (Job 4-28)

January 29 – Glimmers of Truth (Job 32-37)

February 5 – The Silence of God (Selected Passages)

February 12 – The Storm of Sovereignty (Job 38-41)

February 19 – The Journey to Faith (Job 42)

If you’d like to explore the book of Job and the themes of suffering, faith, and the gospel more in-depth, here are some recommended resources:

Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance (Charles Swindoll)

Be Patient: Waiting on God in Difficult Times (Warren Wiersbe)

Disappointment with God (Philip Yancey)

The Gospel According to Job (Mike Mason)

“How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?” (Message from the YouAskedForIt series)

“Suffering: If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?” (Message by Pastor Tim Keller)

Additional Resources for Grief

3 Replies to “Desperate Days”

  1. We have been to Northshore Baptist twice but are now in AZ for the winter. My daughter, her fiance, and her 11 year old daughter live about three blocks from the church. Without becoming a pain in the neck to them, how can I encourage them to visit Northshore when we are not in WA. I think a church home would be so good for them and especiallly for Leanna (granddaughter). Please do not call on them without running it by me first. I don’t want to be in the doghouse for “meddling” in their lives.

  2. December 14, 2011

    With my brother Don’s diagnosis of stage 4 cancer just two weeks after my husband Tom’s diagnosis in December 2010, my family braced for a rocky 2011. So it was just one year later I found myself with the family at St. Joes in Bellingham visiting my critically ill brother. He hugged me from his hospital bed and apologized for being gravely ill so soon after Tom’s death. He was just the shadow of the robust man he was months before and he was in intense pain. Nevertheless, he had given his heart to the Lord and assured us all that if God healed him, he was ok with that; and if he died, he would be ok with that also in that he would be with Jesus.

    Back home and to work on Wednesday found me face to face with the Regional Holiday party. I excused myself from attending not sure I could hold the emotions together. Instead I found solace in working through the expense reports needing processing and other familiar work-related tasks. That night as I went to bed I was feeling lonely, hopeless despair. The person I wanted to share the pain of the imminent loss of my brother was no longer with me. In grief group we learned that at 6 months the numbness of the tragedy surrounding the loss of your loved one is wearing off and the grief hits us emotionally full on. As the facilitator pointed out, it is unfortunate that this grief phenomea is compounded with the holidays for each of the widows in this group. The holidays themselves are an extremely difficult time to handle the first couple times through. Without a doubt I was finding that reality to be true as on the Sunday before I left church in tears the middle of the sermon on dealing with family during these holiday times.

    My sleep was fitfull Wednesday night thinking and feeling all the sad emotions and memories of suffering of both Tom and Don. I carried Tom’s bathrobe to the bed and laid it over me both for warmth and closeness. The night was dark and lonely and despairing. It was 11:56 PM that I awoke and saw I had left the TV on. Evangelist TD Jakes was preaching up a storm as only he can! I was wide awake as he caught my interest with the statement “woman be loosed.” He continued something to the effect that it was MIDNIGHT — the darkest hour “and Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them.” (He wiped his bald head with his massive white handkerchief and went into a dramatic count-down to midnight for emphasis.

    11:30, P.-M.

    11:36, P.-M.

    11:40, P.-M.

    11:45, P.-M.

    11:55, P.-M.

    11:58, P.—M.

    He Paused…….

    But at midnight – the darkest hour of the night – the darkest hour of your circumstances– something has changed. What you may see with YOUR eyes are the same circumstances, the same darkness.

    But something has changed in the heavens and earth and God has started something new. It is 12 AM and brothers and sisters at midnight Paul and Silas began to Praise God and everyone in the prison heard them!

    Oh my goodness, the congregation began to dance and praise God as only a soulful congregation can! I turned off the TV and went to sleep. Something had changed.

    Acts 16:25

    25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and [Evelyn] the prisoner [of despair] heard them. KVJ

  3. Wow, Evelyn. That was powerful! Thanks for sharing. I lost my sister in Jan. 2011 after a 4-month bout of cancer. Then my husband had a heart attack in May 2011. Like you, life dealt me two big blows one after another. I too, noticed the 6-month “dip” after the shock of my sister’s death wore off. Nice to have confirmation that that is very normal. Great to hear that God has given you hope and victory in the valley. 🙂 He is carrying me through the valley as well. Where would we be without the Lord, eh?

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