Christmas At The Movies

The Christmas season is a special season. Watch the movies of Christmas. Even our culture gets that there’s the possibility and even the promise of something more. So how do the movies of Christmas point to something more, something greater, something transcendent? This Christmas, we’re going to the movies. As we watch some clips from our favorite Christmas movies, we’ll discover that they make great bridges to the greatest story and greatest gift of all time—the coming of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the themes we’ll talk about this Christmas Season. Because of copyright laws, we can’t publicize the names of the movies…we’ll just give you some “clues” 🙂

December 4 – “Experiencing Joy this Christmas” (Movie clip: an over-sized, smiley guy in green tights who thinks he’s from the North Pole)

December 11 – “Surviving Your Family this Christmas” (Movie clip: a big family Christmas predictably turns into a big disaster when Cousin Eddie shows up)

December 18 – “Finding a Place to Belong this Christmas” (Movie clip: A reindeer with a luminescent proboscis and his elf friend who dreams of dental school)

December 24 (Christmas Eve Services at 2, 4, 6 & 11 pm) – “Finding the Perfect Gift this Christmas” (Movie clip: think Red Ryder BB Gun)

December 25 (Christmas Day Service at 10 am) – “Extending the Heart of Christmas” (Movie clip: curmudgeonly old man who changes his tune after he’s visited by some slightly transparent midnight guests)

So invite your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers… grab some popcorn, candy, and coffee… sit back and enjoy the show as it points us to reality of Jesus Christ, God with us.

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