NEW SERIES: Contending

“Nothing is more important for mature Christian discipleship than a fresh, clear, true vision of the authentic Jesus.” ~ John Stott

Our vision of Jesus and the gospel is absolutely central to everything we believe, everything we are, and everything we hope to become. We know this to be true, but there are so many other worldviews, ideas and idols vying for our attention. Relativism, materialism, hedonism, syncretism. You name the “ism” and you can hear their siren songs woo our heart away from Jesus and the gospel. So we live in the midst of tension: how to stay true to Jesus while engaging our world with His life-transforming message of hope. The ancient letter of Jude helps guide us through this tension and challenge as we learn to contend for the faith and mission of Jesus in a messy, broken world. Here’s the line-up for the series:

November 6 – “Contending for Jesus”

November 13 – “Contending for Lordship”

November 20 – “Contending for Growth”

November 27 – “Contending for Impact”

Join us through the month of November at Northshore as we learn to contend. And invite a friend to join you at 9 am, 11 am, or 5 pm.

2 Replies to “NEW SERIES: Contending”

  1. Jonathan; When I discovered you were going to be taking us next to Jude, I immediately thought back to our (Linda and I) time at Northshore Baptist under the pastorialship of John Valine. He had a special revival service week in July of 1975 (before you were born – just kidding) where he invite a man by the name of Dr. Anderson (first name doesn’t come to me now) and he did a study of the Book of Jude. Can you believe in my cassette library I still have his five session teachings. Dr. Anderson is the only teacher I have ever heard speak on Jude, and now you are taking us there. WOW! I am looking forward to this study as I did the “This is War” series. Thanks for all your preparation!! John W.

  2. Jonathan, I know you don’t know what a cassette is, but just think of it as a magnetic “scroll” as opposed to a “codex” with flippy pages (doesn’t that sound like one of your descriptions?) more commonly found on your basic iPad or Android tablet. 🙂
    Jim D.

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