Notes From an Evening with Rick Warren

As part of Leadership Network’s Next Generation Learning Community, we had the opportunity to spend an evening with Rick Warren at Larry Osborne’s home. Here are my notes from the evening…  30+ years of his life and ministry wisdom condensed down to a blog post (as if…).

1. life is like twin rails… hills & valleys simultaneously… good & bad at the same time.
– don’t focus on trends… focus on what doesn’t change
– don’t focus on being cool

2. adding staff at 10 year increments to reach multiple generations
– farm league

3. what is my wife sensitive to… the voice of the Holy Spirit

4. plateaus… everything stops at some point. the average church grows 15 yrs. start a new bell curve by:
– physical: addition bases… church planting or campuses
– spiritual: the longer someone is a Christian, the less effective they are at evangelism (they are more & more involved in “church”)

5. build your church on a process
– bring them in
– connect them
– train them
– send them out

6. you will succeed at what you emphasize… you cannot emphasize everything
– signature issues: what we want to be known for

7. intentionally overemphasize evangelism… the larger a church gets, the more self-centered it gets.
– balance community & evangelism
– but the pastor MUST emphasize evangelism because entropy is towards internal/community
– “service” becomes “serve us”

8. mentoring – pick mentors to teach you a specific thing & different things

9. Jesus’ ministry – a look, a word, a touch

10. if you want to be effective for God, you must get control of your time.

11. the difference between ministry & leadership
– ministry: responding to someone’s need
– leadership: you take the initiative to meet with/disciple someone

12. be strategic in choosing your friends
– choose friends in different tribes

13. humility is not denying your strengths but being honest about your own weaknesses

14. integrity, humility, generosity – the only antidotes to Satan’s greatest temptations to leaders
– lust of the flesh (hedonism)… the temptation to feel good… you deserve to feel good… temptation to serve self (antidote: integrity)
– pride of life (secularism)… position… the temptation to show off & live for the applause of people (antidote: humility)
– pride of the eyes (materialism)… possession… the temptation to have (antidote: generosity)

generosity – the only antidote to getting is giving

rick’s personal generosity: raising % of giving… breaks the grip of materialism… & I become more like Jesus

Rick, thanks for modeling generosity with your time!


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