VERTICAL: New 4-Week Series on Prayer

“Prayer is God’s invitation to enter His throne room so He can lay His agenda over our hearts.” ~ Henry Blackaby

When I read Blackaby’s quote, here are some questions I ask. Why don’t we accept God’s invitation to enter His “throne room” more? If we do accept His invitation, what do we do when we get there? And what is His agenda that He lays over our hearts? These are some of the questions we’ll attempt answer in our new 4-week series of prayer called “Vertical: Aligning our Hearts with God’s.”

In prayer, our hearts are the most connected to God, the most transformed by God, and the most motivated for the mission of God. As we talk about prayer, our prayer practices must be grounded, shaped, and informed by a biblical perspective on prayer. And the best pattern and model for what our prayer should look like is the prayer Jesus gave us – “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-13). Jesus’ prayer reveals the ultimate purpose and “how to” of prayer. We pray for relationship, for petition (our needs), and for impact. And in the experience, conversation, and process of prayer, our hearts are aligned with God’s. This is what prayer is all about.

Join us Sundays, September 11 – October 2 as we learn how to align our heart with God’s through prayer. Here are the four messages in the series:

September 11 – The Purpose of Prayer

September 18 – The Prayer of Relationship

September 25 – The Prayer of Petition

October 2 – The Prayer of Impact

I look forward to seeing you at Northshore during this important series. And I am expectant about what God will do in and through our lives as our hearts are aligned with His!

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  1. Hi Pastor Jonathan – My husband comes to church with me week after week and has still not bought into his need for Jesus in his life. I’m thinking that this prayer series will not be something he will like since he doesn’t pray and never has and if you don’t believe, why would you? He does like your messages and those of other pastors here. Do you think prayer will hold his interest? I’m wondering if he should just stay home for this. He’ll actually be gone the last two weeks anyway. I don’t want him nodding off in church because it doesn’t interest him. I know God’s word does not return void though so I keep hoping it will pierce his heart.

    1. lana, thanks for the comment. here’s my take on the series and your husband. prayer begins with relationship… relationship with the very Creator God of the Universe who loves us so. “Our Father in heaven,” Jesus teaches us to pray. You can’t ever hear enough, Christ-follower or not, that there is a God who loves us and a God who desires for us to know Him and to meet our needs because He is good. So prayer is about relationship. So if you want your husband to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him, it’ll be a great series. and yes, God’s word doesn’t return void.

    1. thanks steve… i’ve been praying over this series for a year. Jesus has been deepening my dependence upon Him and prayer has become an increasingly integral part of that dependence. praying for you and converge nw!

  2. Hey Jonathan I lost my hand out from last week and I was looking for the definition of prayer that was on it. I was hoping that it’d be on your blog. But I haven’t been able to find it! Can you remind me again what it is?? 🙂

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