The Danger of Greed

A crucial facet of living in Proverbia is the realization that “Money Matters.” It matters how you view it. It matters how it serves you or how you end up serving it. It matters how you use it or how it ends up using you. In his excellent book Counterfeit Gods, Tim Keller writes

According to the Bible, idolaters do three things with their idols. They love them, trust them and obey them. “Lovers of money” are those who find themselves daydreaming and fantasizing about new ways to make money, new possessions to buy, and looking with jealousy on those who have more than they do. “Trusters of money” feel they have control of their lives and are safe and secure because of their wealth…Idolatry also makes us “servants of money.” Just as we serve earthly kings and magistrates, so we “sell our souls” to our idols. Because we look to them for our significance (love) and security (trust) we have to have them, and therefore we are driven to serve and, essentially, obey them. When Jesus says that we “serve” money, he uses a word that means the solemn, covenantal service rendered to a king. If you live for money you are a slave. (pp. 56-57, emphasis added)

And in our attitude on money, we ultimately have two options: Greed & Idolatry or Generosity & Impact.

Which will you choose?

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