Summer Series: PROVERBIA

We live in a confusing and complex world. A world filled with vastly different visions for living life well. A world filled with many false gods. A world filled with many deceptive gospels. And in this confusing and complex world, we are daily presented with choice after choice on how to make the most out of life and satiate the hunger in our hearts.

There have always been choices and decisions to make, relationships to build, work to do, money to earn and spend. So the key question is: “How do we live life well?” This is what wisdom is all about… living life skillfully. PROVERBIA is about discovering where life and wisdom intersect. This summer, we’ll explore some of the most important themes in life from the ancient book of Proverbs. In all of these themes, we want to learn how to live out the gospel with skill… knowing that as we live the way Jesus calls and invites us to, we will live life to the full. Here’s the line-up:

June 19 – The Heart of Wisdom

June 26 – Folly & Pride

July 3 – The Power of Your Words

July 10 – The Wise Worker

July 17 – Choose Friends Wisely

July 24 – The Younger Generation

July 31 – The Home Front

August 7 – Money Matters

August 14 – Summer Sunday at the Farm (One service)

August 21 – Sexual Integrity (Warning: PG-13)

August 28 – Wisdom & Wine

September 4 – Coveting & Contentment

Join us this summer for Proverbia: Where Life & Wisdom Intersect. This will be a great series to invite family & friends.

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  1. looks like some great topics-I just wished the Sacred Sex topic-was earlier in the series as many of our college students will be already headed off to the Various schools by the, but I do understand that this is just one of the many target groups that would benefit from this topic.

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