Generosity of TOUCH

The Junior and Senior High Ministry just wrapped up a great year of small groups by having an appreciation dinner.  About 50 of our leaders came out for some Ooba’s Mexican food, a little piñata action, and some sharing of stories from the last year.  Our church has been blessed with some amazing volunteers.  Here were some of the stories and reflections:

  • A funny moment of reflection: When talking about relationships, a lesson discussed how “Below the Chin Touching” was a big No-No.  Well, one 6th grade girl proceeded to ask why touching below the chin is such a bad thing.  She scratched below her chin and couldn’t figure out what was so bad about chins.  Her leader chuckled at where this particular week’s discussion was going.
  • One leader pointed out how over a dozen of our current small group leaders actually grew up in Northshore’s Student Ministry…and now they are leading as adults.  One particular leader has grown up from eating all the coffee sugars and creamers to now discipling other boys.
  • A couple leaders shared how their young boys could not pray at all when the year started. But by the end of the year, they had moved on from just saying “Thanks God for this day,” to more personalized prayers.
  • One leader reflected on the relationship change with his guys, where now the guys call him for advice and help on some pretty deep issues.  It is no longer just a Tuesday night relationship.
  • One mom who is now a high school leader realized the importance of the other voices in the lives of a teenager besides just the parent.  The more positive voices, the better!
  • Another mom shared how this role as a youth leader is so outside of her personality…but her girls are pleading with her to come back next year and be their leader.

To all of our Student Ministry leaders – THANK YOU!

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