Ministry Action Planning, Part 3

This is the 3rd and final part of the “Ministry Action Planning” (MAP) series.

Part 1 focused on our “macro” process from vision to strategy to execution with our planning flow throughout the year

Part 2 presented the actual Ministry Action Plan template we use

This final installment will focus on the process of how each team member presents their MAP and the year long follow up process and evaluation.

MAP Presentations. Each member of our Pastor/Director team presents their Ministry Action Plan to the Ministry Management Team (MMT), our senior staff team. They use the Ministry Action Plan Template, having built their plan with input from their leadership teams. We talk through the plan and each member of the MMT, regardless of what team they lead, has opportunity for input. As a team, it gives us the big picture as well as a detailed look at what the upcoming ministry year holds. At the end of the 45-50 minute presentation, we pray for the pastor/director. We pray for Jesus to use them and their ministry powerfully in the coming year.

Follow-up. After the individual presentations, the pastor/director and their MMT lead go through the MAP and make any changes and updates. Once the MAP is finalized, it becomes a working contract for the year. It’s a dynamic document with agreed upon changes made throughout the year. The MAP is reviewed by the MMT lead and pastor/director every 4-8 weeks. In January, we have a mid-year status update. Sometimes it’s done with the entire MMT, and sometimes it’s decentralized with the MMT lead and each individual pastor/director.

Yearly Evaluation. At the end of the ministry year, the MAP becomes part of the Yearly Evaluation. Were the outcomes and goals achieved? Why or why not? Are there things that should be changed or adjusted for the next ministry year? A key personal philosophy during yearly evaluations is “no surprises.” If there is anything that is said during the yearly evaluation that hasn’t been discussed previously in a regular one-on-one meeting, there has been some communication failure along the way.

What does your process of planning look like? Is there anything you’d add to this process?



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