One Family’s Good Friday Experience

A couple of days after our Good Friday services, I received this note from a Northshore mom:

Great services this weekend! Thanks so much for all your preparation and heart. It was so special to have our kids with us in service on Good Friday

My 4th grade daughter’s eyes were glued to you as you described what Jesus had to endure at the cross. And while my protective mommy-side didn’t want her to hear these things, its important that we look at what really happened. We talked about it afterwards, and we emphasized the gratefulness that we need to show Jesus for what He did for us.

Also, our 2nd grade son was able to take Communion for the first time at the Good Friday service. I was teary as I watched him pray during communion (we apparently left out the part about praying silently). So sweet.

Watching my kids’ hearts being transformed is breathtaking. My greatest joy in life!  These services are prime training and teaching opportunities for us as parents. Its new to them (my kids), and its a joy to walk them through these basic yet life changing pieces of faith.

It is our responsibility as gospel-centered parents to train our children in the way of Jesus… His life for ours… and our life because of His!

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