Urban Legends

We have a lot of “spiritual urban legends” and misnomers in the Christian life. There are things we believe about the character of God, the Bible, and the spiritual life that are neither biblically grounded nor theologically sound. And sometimes, our hang-ups, hurts, and seasons of being stuck are intensified by these spiritual urban legends.

Larry Osborne writes in his 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, “Spiritual urban legends aren’t just harmless misunderstandings. They’re spiritually dangerous errors that will eventually bring heartache and disillusionment to all who trust in them.” This practical series, based on Larry’s book, is about busting some of the myths of the Christian faith that distort our view of God and disappoint us on our Christian journey.

May 1 (the Sunday after Easter) through June 12, we’ll explore seven spiritual urban legends. This series will be a great opportunity to invite friends and family who are exploring the Christian faith. We’ll deal practically with who Jesus really is and what the Bible actually says about real life topics. Here are the urban legends we’ll explore:

  • May 1 – Faith Can Fix Anything
  • May 8 – A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids
  • May 15 – God Has a Blueprint for My Life
  • May 22 – Forgiving Means Forgetting
  • May 29 – Christians Are Always Happy
  • June 5 – A Valley Means a Wrong Turn
  • June 12 – Christians Shouldn’t Judge

Join us at Northshore for “Urban Legends: Debunking Christian Myths”… sort of a snopes.com for following Jesus.

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  1. Dear Pastor, Jonathan,

    My name is Selene Barnes. I have been attending the church more frequently and I have enjoyed being there. I am currently enrolled in the Discovery class and I am really enjoying it. I also am interested in attending this class that you are offering and I was wondering when you will be offering the Urban legends class again. Let me know. Please respond and let me know that you received this message. Hope all is well and talk to you soon.

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