Generosity of TALENT

Here’s a great Generosity of TALENT story I received this week:

A friend recently asked if they could purchase a painting I did. Or if I was unwilling to part with it, could they commission me to do another piece for their home? I had mixed emotions. I am not a fast painter, and I’ve never been the kind of person that easily creates something and gives it away. I invest a lot of emotional energy in the things I create, especially my paintings.

I was blessed that someone had connected to my art. It caused me to think about my love for painting. It’s an expression that deeply uses my gift to turn Scripture or visions into imagery. It’s one of the places I feel closest to God. But I already invest a lot of my artistic talents in the church, and it is easy to think that I am already being generous with my talents.

I’ve always viewed painting as something that benefits me, but I’ve begun feeling that God wants to use it to bless others. I’ve been scared to venture into this area of sharing my talent. It requires more of me than any other area of using my talents. But I believe that if I don’t venture out into this area, I’ll miss out on a powerful way that God wants to use me. It seems like the scariest areas to step out are the very areas that God can use us most powerfully.

What are some talents that God is calling you to grow in and give away?  Send me your stories to

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